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I’m looking for collaborators to write original content for this blog!

This blog is mainly about video game development and other topics that revolve around gaming, so you can write about:

I will pay $25 upwards per article, depending on length and topic. No previous experience is required.

If you become a collaborator of this blog, you can add a short bio with links to your website / social media profiles to the About page.

Why I’m looking for collaborators?

Rules and caveats for writing for this blog

  1. Articles must be original and only meant for my blog. Any content published anywhere else will not be accepted.
  2. Content must be well-written, clear, interesting, and helpful.
  3. Articles should preferably be at least 500 words long (but I could take into account shorter ones if they make intensive use of images and graphics).
  4. You can use all the images/videos you want, as long as you hold the rights, they are in the public domain or are licensed under Creative Common license (providing attribution to the creator).
  5. Articles may contain links to resources external to the blog, if useful for enjoying the content. Other links will not be accepted.
  6. Advertising content is not accepted.
  7. The rights to anything published on this blog belong to the blog owner, Davide Antonio Pesce. Authors may not republish their contributions to this blog anywhere else without authorization.
  8. Before publishing an article, I can request changes to improve its quality or to make it more in line with the rest of the blog content.
  9. To cover expenses, this site uses advertising and affiliate links, which could be included in your article.
  10. I can, at my discretion and unquestionable judgment, refuse to publish an article at any time.
  11. Payments will be made exclusively through PayPal, at the time of publication of the article (PayPal may apply fees).

Are you interested in writing for this blog?

Fill the form below. I will contact you as soon as possible to let you know whether or not I am interested in your article. If so, I will ask you to submit a first draft.

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