Hi, I’m Davide Pesce and I’m a software developer from Milano, Italy.

I have over 15 years of experience as a software developer, and have worked mostly for small tech companies and startups. I have experience in developing embedded applications (working on naval and avionic systems, security systems and industrial machinery), and as a full stack web developer.

My personal interests include electronics, board games, RPGs and videogames. Lately, I’m getting more and more passionate about game development. In addition, sometimes I draw pixel art.

I’m always looking for fun new ways to combine electronics, sofware development and game design. I started this blog as a way to keep track of what I learn and to share my works and experiments in these fields.

Blog Collaborators

Benny James

Benny James makes and markets software, sentences, and thick dumps with Mr. Hexagon.

Brandon Norine

I have been a Game Design student for awhile, and worked contract as a Level Designer, Cinematic Artist/Tech, and Programmer. Currently working towards a degree to be able to teach the topics I love to a wide audience as a professor, and hopefully making some awesome games for people to play as an Indie Developer, while working to kick out awesome stuff as a AA/AAA developer in the near future!

Also slowly trying to make my mark in the journalism and writing world, to spread the stories and important news I wish to share with the world!

Doctor Gear

Pixel artist, game developer, youtuber.

Joseph J. Chunta

I’m a self-taught Game Developer and 3D Modeler in Unity and Blender. Working on Video Games and Creating 3D Models in my free time.

Kristy Glas

I’m a pixel artist working on an indie stealth game. You can explore more of my art on Deviant Art and I’d love to hear any feedback for my tutorials. You can request themes on my Patreon.


I’m a French Product/Graphic Designer, husband and father of a 3 yo son. Started pixelart in 2017 as an hobby, to make a video fan-game… No the easiest way to start ^^

I really take this in serious when I quit my job. Since then I am a freelance Designer, open for commission in pixelart too.

I’m also a gamer (videogame, tabletop…), like astronomy, pop culture (was a child in 80’s-90’s) and recently a piano learner.

Mayara Albuquerque

Book author, translator and game designer/founder at Boto Alien Game Developer. Games and books have been my passions for as long as I can remember, so I brought them together in my first game, “Family Dinner”, a text adventure game. If I have a goal, it’s to release as many horror and fantasy games as I can during my lifetime.


Catalan pixel artist and gamedev, mostly for small jam games. Enthusiastic about gamedev communities, and making and playing small bad quirky games.Check the things I’ve made in my Itch.io page or find me rambling and retweeting better artists than me on Twitter. Discord: Raindrinker#2532

SyrApp Games

Self taught indie game developer. Making android games in my spare time in Unity using C#.


Self-taught game developer, passionate about learning. 0% artist, 100% game developer.


Venus, a girl from Uruguay, who likes retro-videogames and visual art.

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