Since when I started playing Dungeons & Dragons again, I’m working on a set of modular dungeon tiles to use in my adventures. I think I’ve made enough modules to have a usable set, so I’m happy to make it available for free here on my site:

Download “Pixelart Modular Dungeon” – 1 MB

All modules are ready to be printed at 150dpi.

I chose to make these modules in pixel art style, because it’s a look that I really like and brings me back to my childhood, when I started playing D&D.

In the future, I plan to create images for player characters, monsters and other dungeon elements in the same pixel art style. I created a D&D Resources page where I will gather all this material for RPG players.

Below are some examples of the dungeon modules:

Modular dungeon tiles example

and here an example of a dungeon that you can build with these modules:

Dungeon example

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